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FEATURE: Mary's Almond Galette

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Vegan "Not-So" Cheese

This is better than any Nacho Cheese you have had before!  Kids also love it.

1 1/2 C. raw cashews
1 cup water
1/2-3/4 C. drained jalapeños (I use mezata pickled tamed jalapeño peppers)
3 cloves fresh garlic
1 red bell pepper
1 T. arrowroot powder
2 T onion powder
salt to taste

blend in blender add more or less jalapeños to taste

Warm up in small saucepan
Serve with chips

Kellie's Cinnamon Spice Granola

Cinnamon Spice Granola

3 C. rolled oats (not instant)
3/4 C. raw buckwheat groats (optional)
1/2 C. raw walnuts chopped
1/2 C. raw almonds chopped
1/2 C. unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 C. raw pumpkin seeds
1/2 C. sesame seeds
1/4 C. raisins (optional)
1 T. ground cinnamon
1 t. sea salt
1/4 t. ground nutmeg
1/2 t. ground cloves
1/4 C. pure maple syrup or raw honey
1/2 C. dates pitted (if dried and hard, soak for a couple hours or overnight)
4 T. melted coconut oil
A few Tablespoons water if needed depending on how dry the dates are
1 T. pure vanilla extract

1. In a large bowl, stir together all the dry ingredients, get creative with adding nuts and seeds.  You can add extra dried fruit after baking.

2. Using a blender or food processor, blend the maple syrup, dates, coconut oil, water, spices, and vanilla into a smooth thick sauce.

3. Pour the sauce into the bowl with the dry ingredients and stir until all the dry ingredients are well coated.

4. Spread the gr…

Memorial Day Buttermilk Syrup

I am enjoying this Memorial Day weekend with my kids!
Rachel made french toast for breakfast and Kev made his buttermilk syrup.  It is so good and sweet for special occasions.

In a small saucepan mix together:

3/4 c.buttermilk 1 1/2 c. white sugar 1 stick salted butter (1/2 c) 1 tsp baking soda Barely bring to boil then turn off heat
Add 2 tsp vanilla at the end

Shelley's Gluten-Free PB&B Pancakes

This morning Shelley made these for me and they are so yummy!  Shelley is a health coach and can help you meet your goals.

Here is her recipe:
2 eggs
1 teaspoon peanut butter
1 teaspoon coconut oil melted
1/2 C. Almond milk
1/2 C Gluten free flour
2 bananas mashed
1/2 t. Cinnamon
1/2 t. Nutmeg
Stir together in medium bowl and cook in skillet in coconut oil

Top with
REAL maple syrup and toasted walnuts with a little sea salt
Shelley Marshall R.N.  801-949-4298

Sara's Spring Risotto

Sara has perfected this Risotto dish and made it for dinner today 

1/2 C. butter melted in pan
4 C. arborio rice
3 T. Olive Oil
2 chopped shallots
8 cloves chopped garlic
1 bunch asparagus chopped into 1 inch pieces and blanched
1 pound chopped yellow summer squash and zucchini squash saute in separate pan
1 C. frozen or fresh peas
4 C. Vegetable or mushroom broth
Organic lemon and rind for zest
A few saffron threads/optional
Fresh parmesan
Fresh Basil     

           In a saucepan melt 1/2 cup butter and add risotto.  Stir for about 10 minutes.                     Begin to add 1/2 cup water to risotto, then stir in and let water absorb.  Do this until all   of the broth is absorbed.  Then stir in vegetables and some of the parmesan.

                Add fresh lemon juice and lemon zest and garnish with fresh basil and parmesan.

Buon Appetito!

Thom "Kha'Rita" Kai Soup

I woke up this morning to an amazing smell wafting through my house.  Carita had made something wonderful and I had a bowl full of this soup for an early lunch.
This is comfort food at its best.  It is vegetarian and can be made vegan.
I promise you will be raving about it too!
I felt just like Bill Murray from "What about Bob?"

Lots of fresh ingredients make this soup fragrant and healthy
Many of these can be bought at the grocery store but if you have an Asian market nearby they have all the unique ingredients

1 hand chopped ginger
4 chopped shallots
4 stalks lemon grass chopped into 1 inch pieces
1/2 C. fresh lime juice
1/4 C. lime zest
Kefir lime leaves
Chopped Galanga root
4 chopped red bell peppers
2 C. chopped sweet potatoes or butternut squash
fresh green beans cut into 1 inch lengths

After chopping all these veggies
put in coconut milk and fish stock and simmer at low heat
 6 cans of full fat coconut milk (this is good fat)